IAWTV Awards - 12/31/11
(Actually 1/11/12, despite what the date up there says)

And so, I'm heading off to the IAWTV (International Academy of Web TV) Awards show in Vegas, airing lives at 6pm PT, Thursday, Jan 12th, on YouTube.com/IAWTVorg if you wanna watch. I head-wrote this year's show.

Maybe next year Wow, My Date Sucked will get a nomination. Until then, lots of jokes about Rebecca Black and Siri await:)

The Great State War - 12/8/11
The new viral, for the book! Idaho gets revenge.

Breakfast Rappers - 11/1/11

My brothers Mark has always said that, if he were ever a rapper, and if his rap group happened to have a "breakfast" theme, then he'd want his name to be "Cereal Killa".

Why? An excellent question.

Regardless, I stayed up until three in the morning for some reason the other night making this. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Outfit or Landfill Trash? - 10/5/11
And these are the kinds of things you whip up when you're bored on a cold autumn day...

(Give it a second to load...)

Yeah... we even made an Iphone App! Free for a limited time only...

Arlington Signing - 9/18/11
A couple shots from the late August reading at One More Page Books in Arlington, VA.

Special thanks to Terry N. and company for letting me stop by!

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