Pretty Pictures - 5/2/11
I came back from the 48 State Roadtrip with some pretty great pictures. This should be attributed more to America than it should do me (though I did have one pretty rockin' ninety-minute lesson on still-photography back in film school). American's a magnificent place. If you drive everywhere, eventually she'll open up and show you her beauty. You just have to keep your eyes open enough to click the picture.

Old Mill, Virginia

Coastal Forest, California

Plains, Idaho

Crater Lake, Oregon

Death Valley, California

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Ranch House, Georgia

Junkyard, Missouri

Farmland, Ohio

Lake Island, South Dakota

Sun Flowers, Iwoa

Lake, Vermont

Highway, Vermont

Yellowstone, Montana

Yellowstone, Wyoming

Zion, Utah

Rainbow, Colorado

Highway, Washington

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