From the Editing Room Floor: New Jersey: The Suckling Fetus - 7/11/11
A friend of mine once described New Jersey as a suckling fetus. It seemed a rather random (and rude) description, but he went on to explain.

"New Jersey," he said. "Totally co-dependent. Northern Jersey is basically a suburb of New York, and southern Jersey is basically a suburb of Philadelphia. The state doesn't even have any big cities, unless you count Newark, and no one does. New Jersey subsists totally by sucking nourishment out of the states around it."

This friend of mine, obviously, was a New Yorker.

It still seemed all rather harsh. So he drew me a picture.

I'm still not sure why it had to be a 'fetus' and not simply a 'baby' (I think my friend just really liked the word 'fetus') but I had to admit he was on to something. Although why a fetus would be suckling away at an arbitrary part of eastern Pennsylvania, I don’t know… I'm not sure that Northampton County is particularly known for its milk production.

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