Roadtrip Photos, Part 2 - 7/24/11
Part 1 here

A few more interesting pictures that add a little more color to an already colorful trip...

Gary, Indiana
Chicago's belly of industry.

ND vs. MT
At the border of Montana and North Dakota these two “Welcome To” signs stood facing each other. Look closely: each sign has bullet holes in it. I guess that’s something you do when you live near the Montana/North Dakota border – shoot at road signs. It looked like the two states (or maybe the signs themselves) were having some kind of a duel. North Dakota seems to be winning, though: the bullet holes in Montana go all the way through..

911 Wall
The thoughts and feelings of visitors vented onto a construction wall surrounding the rebuild site.

Breakdown in Montana
And me hiding from the 100-degree sun, looking like a tacky Arabian rapper.

Welcome Collage


Just One of the Guys

That's a big-ass tree.

Wall Drug
Yup, this is pretty much South Dakota for you. At least the eastern half.

An Exit in Mississippi

Breakdown 3
Near Blanding, UT.


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