Ten More Fun Roadtrip Pictures - 8/8/11
These pictures have nothing to do with the events of the Roadtrip, but were hilarious little moments of unrelated nonsense along the way. A few have explanations. The others...?

The Long Island Demon Duck
Alex and I encountered this on our way out to the end of Long Island (and back again). Apparently, it's some kind of ice cream shop by day. By night, judging by the bird's red eye, it's a portal to giant mallard Hell.

But not before a quick jog through Kalamazoo, where I came across this little door outside somebody’s house. I never did figure this out. There were only three groups I could imagine having use for a door like this:
- Somebody’s shriveled grandparents
- Hobbits
- Midgets
I can't picture any of these groups being pleased at the prospect of having to live under someone's steps.

Water Tower Ball
And this just doesn't make any sense at all. Perhaps the teeball stand the Jolly Green Giant uses?

Somewhere out west, not surprisingly. Don't tell me about no windy road!

Farm Toys
Yes, there's a lot to do in Iowa.

Hill Billy

Yup yup.

This sign could use some work.

Portal to Hell

Shoe Tree
The famous Nevada shoe tree. This is what happens when you plant your Reeboks.

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