Paul Jury grew up in Minneapolis, attended Northwestern University in Chicago, and finally moved out to California because he couldn't take any more snow.

After college, Paul drove his parents' beat-up '93 Volkswagen Eurovan and less-beat-up Ford Taurus to all 48 contiguous United States, and the resulting ridiculous adventure wound up as the book "States of Confusion". Though you probably knew that already, since it's obnoxiously displayed over there on the sidebar.

Since landing in Los Angeles at the end of the trip, Paul has written comedy primarily for the internet, occasionally blogging for Huffington Post, Cracked, Manolith, plus some sites of his own. He also worked for for two years making original viral shorts, after some videos he'd created with sometimes-writing-partner Sam Greenspan got around the web a bit.

Finally, Paul's written a few award-winning children's stories and even a children's musical, and spends his free time running PJ Test Prep, and SAT/ACT/College Essay prep group. And that's about it for the bio.

OK fine. Here are a few of Paul's favorite sketches from back in the day.

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Valentine's Date

I Hate Britain Day

A Tribute to Every Video Site
The guys also did a (slightly higher production value) one about the 2008 Presidential Election. This satire video still gets dozens of angry comments a month, because 30% of internet users think it's actually about how England sucks. There was a similar one for Earth Day. This silly little video was the guys' first to go viral, and helped get them hired at Break.